A downloadable game for Windows

A local 1v1 archer deathmatch!

Ask and Embla has to fight to the death to please the Gods, but seeing as this alone was not enough entertainment, the Gods have messed with their arrows.
Choose a side and try to defeat your counterpart using the arrows you get!
But will you end up with the Gun Arrow, the Reverse Arrow or some other Arrow? Only the Gods know.. Literally.

This game is meant to be played by 2 players locally on a single keyboard, the controls are listed in the main menu:)

Bonus bug: When you win - the game closes itself!

Made in GMTK Game Jam 2020 in 48 hours.

Created by:
Magnus Jørs
Ole Kristian Halstensen
Torstein Lundervold Nesheim

(More arrows to come)


ArrowGeddon.exe 66 MB

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